Aircraft Avionics in Dayton, OH

Your aircraft avionics are vital to all phases of flight, which makes inspection, maintenance and upgrades essential. First Flight Aviation is standing by to ensure your aircraft avionics are fully functional, FAA compliant and working as-intended. We make sure that every private or corporate aircraft leaving our Dayton, OH facility does so with avionics that are in top-notch condition.

  • Complete Installations
    If you’re getting new or updated avionics installed, trust us to take care of the complete installation. We’re experts with Genesys, Avidyne, Garmin, and Aspen Avionics systems, and extremely knowledgeable in how to configure your new avionics quickly.
  • ADS-B Solutions:
    Is your aircraft ADS-B compliant? It should be! The FAA deadline for ADS-B conversions has passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to update your aircraft. We handle ADS-B installations, to ensure you’re compliant and safe in the air.
  • Inspections:
    Trust us for all routine and off-schedule avionics inspections, including bi-annual altimeter checks, static tests and transponder tests. We complete inspections with expedience, to get you back in the air with confidence in an avionics system that’s tested and working as-expected.
  • WAAS Upgrades:
    If you have an older aircraft that doesn’t yet have a Wide Area Augmentation System installed, talk with our avionics department. We’ll help you decide if WAAS is the right upgrade for your aircraft and if it is, we’ll get it set up and calibrated properly.
  • Software Updates:
    Avionics updates are critical and should be a regular part of maintenance for any aircraft owner. We update systems for all popular manufacturers and avionics systems, putting you at the controls of a system that’s relevant and up-to-standard.
At First Flight Aviation, our emphasis on doing things the right way means your avionics in Dayton or Miamisburg, OH are in good hands. From inspections and testing to upgrades and installations, your aircraft’s most essential instruments are guaranteed to be in their best condition when we’re done. Contact us today at 937-885-5580 or email at [email protected] to discuss your aircraft avionics needs or visit our facility at Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport for FBO line service, rentals, and more.


Ryan Christman

Avionics Manager
[email protected]