November 2, 2020

Aircraft Owner

"I flew from South Carolina to have an AD on my Cirrus addressed by First Flight, and again a great experience. The is service impeccable, the job is done right on schedule plus a couple of other minor issues addressed just because I mentioned them. Clearly, a customer-oriented culture of great value at competitive prices. This is the way all maintenance/FBO operations should be run. They have to be the best in the region, Why would you stop anywhere else? "
September 23, 2020

2020-09-28 | 20:46:44

"Awesome group! Well run operation!"
July 8, 2020

5 Stars!

"I live nearby this airport but the plane I rent is based elsewhere. Aviation sales has always been kind about letting me overnight so I can get an early start the next morning. I don't always buy fuel but they have been more than happy to give me a tie down at no charge. Pilots lounge is huge with nice bathrooms. Staff has always been very kind especially considering I'm not always buying fuel and I sometimes have young children in tow. "
July 8, 2020

Senior Systems Engineer

"Best FBO. Service is impeccable. "
July 2, 2020


"Annual Inspection on Cirrus SR22 and software update completed June 2020. Work was done professionally on schedule and as quoted. Justin Sparks knows Cirrus and is great to work with. Ryan went the extra mile to not only get the software update done but also make sure everything was working great. Tom head of line service coordinated everything including rental car and aircraft handling was first class. First Flight operates like a maintenance center and FBO should. Nice facilities with a customer-first culture that is obvious and prices are competitive. "