September 28, 2022

2022-12-13 | 23:07:52

August 11, 2022

Vans RV-6 Owner/Pilot

"Last summer I flew from Alaska to Kitty Hawk, NC (PAEN-KFFA). 9112 statute miles in 62-hours of flying. One of my stops was at First Flight Aviation KMGY. I needed an oil change. They were short of mechanics. The owner came out and explained the situation. He wouldn't have anybody until the following Tuesday. I arrived on Thursday. After a brief discussion he volunteered his hanger if I wanted to do it myself. I have never changed my own oil before. I'm a Neanderthal with tools, know very little about aircraft construction techniques, so this was a major deal for me. I changed my oil, but the story doesn't stop there, the owner ended up with as oily fingers as I did. He was the one to cut my filter and explain what we were finding. He had to show me how a quick drain works. I was very humbled by his help! He allowed his mechanics to help with any thing I couldn't do, safety wire and torque of the filter. His hangar was clean, looked like it was kept that way all the time. His mechanics were awesome. Great outfit, friendly and very helpful. What almost turned into a bad nightmare became the highlight of my trip. Thank you First Flight Aviation! Job well done. Mike Bauer N999SN"
November 2, 2020

Aircraft Owner

"I flew from South Carolina to have an AD on my Cirrus addressed by First Flight, and again a great experience. The is service impeccable, the job is done right on schedule plus a couple of other minor issues addressed just because I mentioned them. Clearly, a customer-oriented culture of great value at competitive prices. This is the way all maintenance/FBO operations should be run. They have to be the best in the region, Why would you stop anywhere else? "
September 23, 2020

2022-12-13 | 23:08:12

"Awesome group! Well run operation!"
September 23, 2020

2020-09-28 | 20:46:44

"Awesome group! Well run operation!"