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Autopilots and Automatic Flight Control System Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Autopilots and especially Flight Control Systems are critical system components. They often require maintenance too, just as airframes and engines need inspection and servicing. They sometimes wear out and fail. They are sometimes used improperly by the pilot/operator leading to perceived poor performance too. Some of the more common instances we encounter for Avionics Support […]

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Aircraft Audio Systems

Aircraft audio systems are a growing component area in today’s modern cockpits. From improper usage to aging systems to even incorrect original installation, they are an often forgotten about or overlooked Avionics system component until things go wrong. Mono vs. Stereo It seems everyone these days is walking around with earbuds in or expects to […]

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Aircraft Autopilots and Automatic Flight Control Systems

Aircraft Autopilots and Automatic Flight Control Systems As part of promoting aviation safety, autopilots have come a long way in reducing pilot workload during appropriate phases of flights. They are to be used as a resource in those instances, not as a band-aid for poor pilotage. Pilots fly aircraft – autopilots simply aid in it […]

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