10 Bucket List Flights for Aviation Geeks

Whether you’ve been flying for a while or you’re just learning, there is almost always a new experience or view to be had. In fact, many aviation aficionados have entire lists of flights they want to take in the future. If you’re longing for a new adventure, read on—these bucket list flights for aviation geeks in Dayton, OH might be just the experience you’re looking for:

  • Island hopping with United Airlines: If you’re into island hopping (and who isn’t?) United Airlines has a 17 hour, seven-airport route that starts in Honolulu and ends in Guam. In fact, you can’t even get off the plane at the Kwajalein stop—it’s a United States military base. Some of these airports are so remote that a mechanic has to be on every flight… just in case.
  • Go on a polar route: Hot sun and turquoise water not doing it for you? Fly a polar route (try Newark to Hong Kong) in the summertime. If you fly in the winter, you won’t be able to see anything—it’s too dark—but if you want to say you did it, several airlines offer the opportunity.
  • Try the world’s shortest commercial flight: Loganair runs a 90-second flight from Papa Westray to Westray in Scotland. The flight is only 26 miles long—getting through security will take longer than the trip itself!
  • Get to JFK by helicopter: If you have $200 to spare, you can take a helicopter from Manhattan to JFK (or vice versa). Skip the glacial Manhattan traffic and get where you’re going faster.
  • Land on a beach runway in Scotland: Loganair also offers a flight that lands on a beach in Scotland—take a flight to Barra to land on a two-mile stretch of sand that functions as a runway.
  • Take the world’s longest flight: If you really love flying, the world’s longest flight spans from Newark to Singapore. You’ll be in the air for around 19 hours, and by the time you land, you’ll have traveled 10,000 miles.
  • Go on a fancy flight with British Airways: All business class, all the time? British Airways offers a business-class-only flight aboard their Airbus A320. Fly from London to JFK in style.
  • Floatplanes in Vancouver or Nantucket: If you want to try a new kind of flight, why not give floatplanes a try? Harbor Air and Blade offer floatplane excursions in Nantucket and around the Vancouver area.
  • Barth’s in the Caribbean: If steep descents get you going, you’ll love flying into St. Barth’s. The dramatic airport is set against mountains and water for an unforgettable landing.
  • Go from Antarctica to Chile: If you have an extra $5,500, you can take a small plane from Chile to Antarctica. You’ll also need four of your closest friends to pony up their own $5,500.

First Flight Aviation offers plenty of flight opportunities for aviation geeks in Dayton, OH. Call us today to get started in our training program and learn more about what it takes to become a pilot.

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