Are Flight Simulators Effective for Training?

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, there are always people who will devote their time and attention to the world of flight. That’s why the industry is on the cusp of some major strides—among them, the rise of personal aircraft. With each passing day, private planes become more affordable, more accessible and kinder to the environment. If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to get behind the stick of a real plane, now is the time to learn.

Across the United States, many flight schools use flight simulators when teaching their students. This begs the question: is a flight simulator in Dayton, OH an effective way to learn how to fly a plane? Read on to find out.

What is a flight simulator?

There’s some commotion about a video game that is theoretically capable of teaching you to fly a plane, but that’s not the kind of flight simulator we’re talking about. Professional flight simulators are fully-enclosed cockpits that completely mimic the controls of a real-life aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved several of these flight simulators and considers them a benefit to flight training. Indeed, the FAA itself states that if you’re searching for a flight school, you should consider learning at one with a flight simulator.

But do flight simulators actually work? What are the supposed benefits of a flight simulator in Dayton, OH?

Learning in a safe environment

The primary purpose of flight simulators in Dayton, OH is to help novice pilots learn the basics of flight before they actually get up in a plane. In an FAA-approved flight simulator, a student is allowed to spend two and a half hours of their training time in a simulator. That time can provide a risk-free environment for new students to try their hand at flight without the fear of committing a potentially dangerous or fatal error.

Build skill

Even veteran pilots can benefit from a flight simulator. They can hone their skills in new situations or even try their hand piloting new aircraft. The flight simulator is an excellent way to push your skills to their limit without worrying about increasing wear and tear on your plane or putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Learn ATC communication

One of the most critical parts of learning to fly a plane is learning to communicate with the tower. Proper air traffic control (ATC) communication is a vital safety technique and an earmark of every responsible pilot. Of course, the first few swipes at ATC communication can be somewhat daunting for new students. A flight simulator allows you to learn without fear.

The flight pros

A flight simulator in Dayton, OH is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tools at our disposal. At First Flight Aviation, we’re a whole-craft operation. From flight training to aircraft sales, maintenance and housing, we have a huge facility devoted to meeting your needs.

Since 1981, novice and seasoned pilots alike have put their trust in First Flight Aviation. It’s time to find out why. Pick up the phone and call today.

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