How to Rent an Aircraft

Just because you don’t have the money for a private airplane doesn’t mean you might never need one. For regular folks, you can still get the use of a private airplane by using a rental. This quick guide will give you some basic info on how to go about renting an airplane for various reasons.

For Rent Airplane Fees 

It is important that you understand rental rates and how they are calculated. In most cases, aircraft are rented by the hour. This cuts down on the need for extensive insurance coverage. There is usually a fixed hourly rate. You will only be required to pay for the time that the engine is running.

If you take a trip and fly 45 minutes to your destination and 45 minutes back, that is a total of two and half hours. However, the engine was only running for one and half hours. You only pay for this time.

5 Reasons To Rent an Aircraft 

There can be several reasons why someone might need or want to rent an airplane. One of the most common reasons is simply because you need to reach a destination. Perhaps long-distance travel is part of your career, and you need to bypass the hectic stress of the airport.

Another good reason to rent an airplane is if you are trying to obtain your pilot’s license. Pilots need to log a certain number of hours in the air. This can sometimes be difficult if you do not have regular access to an airplane. Renting a plane is a great way to solve this problem.

If you are already a licensed pilot but do not own your own plane, you may want to rent a plane just for the joy of flying. 

You may also want to rent a plane to perform flying services for others as part of a side income. 

Where Should I Rent From?

To be safe, you should only pay for aircraft rental services from a certified pilot. When you work with a certified pilot, you can rest assured that the aircraft will be in proper working order and that you will be transported safely from one point to the next.

What’s An FBO?

A Fixed Base Operator or an FBO is a place where you can rent airplanes. These places are usually located as part of an existing airport but can also be found near an airfield.

Small airfields that do not deal with much commercial air traffic are often good places to go to find airplanes for rent.

Can Airplane Rental Be Done Overnight?

If you are renting an airplane for your own flying purposes, you may occasionally want to fly to a destination, stay overnight and fly home the next day. If you need or want to do this, you will need to see if you can find a rental with an overnight option.

You will need to be sure you are aware of all overnight fees associated with the rental.

Renting an airplane is a great way to travel or get in piloting time.

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