Seven Reasons to Fly Yourself to Your Vacation Destination

Just imagine: if you become a pilot, you could have the freedom to fly yourself to a vacation destination. Your flying lessons could unleash a host of travel possibilities. If you’re thinking about taking flying lessons, consider the following benefits of becoming your own vacation pilot.

Discover new destinations

Think of all the secluded destinations that aren’t accessible by traditional flights. Private retreats, wilderness adventures and small-town getaways typically are not near major airports. However, if you become a pilot, you can charter your own flight and take in these lesser-known sights. You can travel beyond traditional destinations and create memories of a lifetime at unique vacation spots.

Avoid the crowds

Would you prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded airports? Would you like to enjoy a private flight rather than a stuffy airplane filled with strangers? Your flying lessons will be well worth it to avoid the crowds. If you become a pilot, you can rent a plane and enjoy all the space you need for yourself, your family and your luggage.

Enjoy the journey

Often, traveling to and from a vacation destination is simply a chore. It involves long security lines, delays, cramped quarters and a lot of stress. However, if you become a pilot, the journey can become part of the fun. It’s an exciting, memorable experience rather than a chore. The flight itself is part of the enjoyment of the vacation, rather than something to endure until you get to your destination or return home.

Set your own schedule

If you take a commercial airline flight, you are limited to their availability and their prices. You have to plan your vacation around their schedule rather than your own. You are also at the mercy of delayed, overbooked or canceled flights. Not so when you become a pilot. Plan your own itinerary so you can leave when you want and go where you want.

Fly in comfort

If you become a pilot and fly yourself to your vacation destination, you will have greater control over the level of comfort available to you and your family. Rather than feel packed into a plane like a sardine and be concerned about germs, you can enjoy a roomy interior. You can control the heating and ventilation and create an atmosphere that offers the most comfort to you and your passengers.

Make last-minute plans

Life isn’t always perfectly planned. You may not know your travel needs in advance. Perhaps you need to visit a sick relative, or you find out about an event you’d love to attend. Or maybe you just decide you need to get away, now. If you have taken flying lessons, you can travel on shorter notice, without having to rely on ticket or flight availability (or paying high prices for last-minute tickets).

Spend more time vacationing

If you become a pilot and fly yourself, you can devote less of your vacation time to traveling and more to the adventures that start once you arrive. You’ll spend less time waiting in line or dealing with the other hassles of traditional travel, and you’ll have more time for the beach, hiking, sightseeing or anything else you want to enjoy.

Transform your travel experience

Become your own pilot! For information on flying lessons, contact First Flight Aviation. Established in 1981, we offer a full range of aviation services. Reach us today at 937-885-5580.

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