The Best Things About Being a Pilot

Dreaming about a career change? Maybe it’s time you followed those dreams and become a pilot. It’s an exciting, stimulating job that can show you far-off sights and new cultures, and expose you to plenty of opportunities for exploration and recreation. Training to be a pilot in Dayton, OH is a big step toward finding a job that satisfies you on a deeper level. If you’re not sure whether to take the leap, here are some of the best things about being a pilot:

  • Job security: Many Americans have struggled with employment over the last two decades. As the economy ebbs and flows, you might have found yourself bouncing between jobs and wishing you had better job security. Working as a pilot can fulfill that need. In fact, experts have predicted that the airline industry will hire over 617,000 new pilots by 2036. With that kind of demand, you can finally create your dream work life.
  • Keep your work and personal lives separate: No one really enjoys taking work home with them, but when the deadlines are looming, it’s your responsibility. Instead of being frustrated about that lack of work/life balance, consider training to become a pilot. Once work is over for the day, you’re free to go. No extra assignments, no additional training.
  • See the world: It’s hard for anyone to see the world, even if they love to travel. Between jobs, home life, school and financial obligations—not to mention limited vacation time—it’s difficult for most people to take the time for vacations. As a pilot in Dayton, OH, your job requires you to see exotic locales. Plus, you can take your friends and family with you. Most pilots get deeply discounted friends and family fares.
  • Keep yourself challenged: If you get bored easily, being a pilot presents a lot of unique, interesting challenges. No two days are the same, and even your schedule can change from one day to the next. You’ll constantly learn, grow and advance in your career. Plus, the more you advance, the higher your paycheck will be.
  • Great salary and benefits: Getting a job with great pay and great benefits is like finding a unicorn. If you train to become a pilot, however, you’ll be in a position to enjoy higher salaries, health benefits and perks (like those friends and family fares).
  • Plenty of time off: How much vacation time do you get at your current job? It’s probably not one to two weeks per month, which is what you could get as a commercial pilot. There are few other jobs that pay as well and offer as much recreational time.

If you have a passion for flying, now is the best time to start training to become a pilot in Dayton, OH. You’ll love the benefits, the perks, the pay and the opportunities to learn more about the world. If you’re interested in pursuing a job that excites you every day, reach out to First Flight Aviation today to begin your training.

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