The Surprising Benefits of Learning to Fly

Thinking about learning to fly and taking to the skies? Whether you’re in it for the money or for the adventure, there are several amazing reasons why you should learn to fly and enter the world of private aviation. Flight is a truly unique experience and gives both pilots and passengers a feeling of adventure, regardless of their age or background.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the surprising benefits of learning to fly.

Earn an excellent living

If you’re learning to fly with the intention of making a career out of it, you’ll find that there are many lucrative options that allow you to earn money while you have an adventure. Commercial aviation pilots earn an average salary of just over $86,000, which is significantly higher than the average wage for all occupations.

Many people don’t realize that learning to fly can open up many different career paths for excellent pilots aside from the traditional commercial-airline-pilot route. Some aviation careers offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to craft your own schedule. Here are just some of the potential career opportunities in aviation that are available as you become an experienced pilot:

  • Long-distance ferrying
  • Aerial firefighter
  • Freight hauler
  • Flight instructor

Convenient travel

Some people need to learn to fly in order to travel conveniently—mostly people who live in remote areas. Residents of extremely rural communities need reliable transportation to access healthcare services, consumer services, educational opportunities and more. Flying allows these people to bypass impassable or sometimes non-existent roads. If you’re a resident of a remote area, learning to fly can often be a lifeline not just for you but also for members of your community.

For pilots in less remote locations, the ability to take off whenever you want and visit other destinations can be much more convenient than boarding a commercial flight or driving your vehicle. You’re able to travel at your own schedule and use airports that commercial airlines don’t serve, and you can forget about the hassle of security lines. Private aviation gives you the time and flexibility that you don’t get when traveling commercially. In addition, you also get more privacy and can travel discreetly.

Incredible views

Whether you’re a commercial pilot or a hobby pilot, you get to experience some of the most spectacular views when you’re up in the air. Getting a bird’s-eye view of certain locations helps you discover much more about the natural world around you than you could while on the ground. You’re creating memories that last a lifetime and experiencing unique views of the natural world that aren’t accessible to the average person.

Learning to fly is an incredible experience, but you need the right team of instructors on your side in order to learn complex instrument systems, wind patterns and so many other elements that are essential to flying safely and responsibly. First Flight Aviation can help you take flight! Reach out to us today to learn more about the process and benefits of learning to fly.

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