What Is The Future of Air Travel?

Air travel has looked very much the same for quite some time. In fact, commercial air travel from the passenger’s point of view has looked essentially unchanged from its infancy until now.

Well, airplanes and air travel may also be on the verge of considerable facelifts and changes in the future. This would certainly be a welcome change for those who travel often. And those who haven’t ever flown, you have been missing a lot, good and bad.

Air Travel Today

Airplanes and air travel today isn’t necessarily the worst experience in the world. In some cases, particularly on shorter flights, it can even be quite enjoyable. There is also the fact that getting to where you want to in a blink of an eye isn’t something we should sneeze at, though many take it for granted.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues with air travel, however, because there are, and some of them are well-known. Some of the primary issues with airplanes and air travel include its considerable expense, lack of comfort, and danger to the environment.

Air Travel in the Future Could Look Like…

There is work and real action being taken on all of those fronts today. That also means over the next couple of decades, air travel may look considerably different and, ideally, better in the future.


While airlines have done well to keep costs manageable, there is still room for improvement. Today, work is being done from the engine to plane designs to create more efficient airplanes. That translates into less money to operate and more affordable rates for passengers.

Environmentally Better

How about hydrogen-powered aircraft? Yes, that’s the idea being kicked around by some aviation professionals. In addition to eliminating a primary source of EU greenhouse gas emissions, these new hydrogen-powered engines also offer the potential to carry more passengers.

Enjoy Your Flight

From the rumors and whispers among commercial airline leaders, the concept of larger cabin rooms is a viable discussion. Can you imagine that eight-hour non-stop flight that feels like a good night’s sleep? No? Well, that, too, may be about to change.

Airplanes and air travel are an important part of our world and how we get from one place to another. At First Flight Aviation, we join the aviation community to continue working to provide the best and safest air travel options possible.

So please sit back, fasten your belts, and enjoy the flight.

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