What Is Typically Required to Rent an Aircraft?

There’s no doubt that flying is the most efficient way to travel these days, particularly if you have a private plane. It’s faster and safer than traveling by car or train, and if you can avoid commercial, you’ll also get to skip endless security lines. Instead of having to arrive at the airport hours ahead of time, you can cut down on the waiting time, crowds and terrible airport food.

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What is needed to rent an aircraft in Dayton, OH

Thinking about renting a private plane for your next vacation or business trip? Do you need to gain more experience for your pilot certificate? As you might imagine, it’s more complicated than renting a car for the weekend. Here’s what you can expect to need when renting an aircraft:

  • Private pilot certificate: The most important documentation you’ll need is your private pilot license and/or certificate. The certificate should include a single engine land rating. In most cases, the certificate can be issued based on a foreign certificate, but be sure to check with the airport beforehand.
  • FAA flight review: Your flight review combines regulatory and advisory material, such as your responsibilities as the pilot in command, aircraft worthiness and inspections, environmental knowledge and external pressures like risk management. Most rental services will include your flight review with aircraft checkout.
  • Special training: Where you’re flying makes a difference. For example, in states with a lot of mountainous terrain, you’ll either need mountain certificates or to complete a mountain flying checkout course. Again, check with your rental service to see if any of the terrain requires special training or certifications.
  • Night flight license: If you plan to fly at night, most aircraft rental facilities will require night flight training. Make sure you either have plans to complete the training or that your license allows night flying. You may be subject to limits on how long the overnight flights can be, such as three days and two nights.
  • Training and checkout deposits: Depending on whether you need training or checkouts, you can expect to schedule it in advance and put down a deposit, usually starting at $500 to $1,000 and up.
  • Flight plan: Finally, prepare your flight plan in advance. Most rental services will require it ahead of time so they can approve it.
  • Other regulations: Your specific rental service might have other regulations and procedures, depending on where you’re flying, how long and what kind of conditions or terrain you expect to encounter. It’s best to plan your aircraft rental well in advance, so you won’t be left scrambling to get into compliance. Many aircraft rental services have rules about fuel, fuel rates and maintenance or repairs—check with the company in advance so you know what to expect.

Now that you know how to rent an aircraft in Dayton, OH, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to call First Flight Aviation to schedule a rental. We serve everyone from experienced pilots to students. Visit our website today to find out more.

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