What Part of an Aircraft Is the Most Frequently Replaced?

As you might expect, the aviation industry has some extremely strict safety standards in place, which include necessary airplane maintenance tasks that must be performed before the planes can be cleared for departure. Beyond simple refueling and cleaning, this also means replacing parts as soon as possible to ensure the plane is in tip-top shape.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most sought-after airplane parts in Dayton, OH that need to be replaced most frequently. Contact a flight school near you to learn more.

Wheels and brakes

These are the parts that are generally in the highest demand among buyers and sellers who need to make sure their planes are in flying condition. Wheels are changed quite frequently on airplanes, and it makes sense when you consider the kind of force that’s put on them during landing (and even during takeoff). The same is true for brakes—think about the sheer amount of force required to bring a plane to a stop after landing. When you’re sitting inside a plane, you can feel and hear just how quickly the plane slows from hundreds of miles per hour to taxiing speed.

These parts see quite a bit of stress, even though they’re only used during takeoff and landing, so the fact that they’d be frequently replaced likely comes as no surprise.

Windows and frames

One would expect the windows on an airplane to be extremely durable, and not particularly vulnerable to malfunctions or cracks. However, windows and windshields are frequently among the top most-traded airplane parts in Dayton, OH. There are several reasons for this, including malfunctions of heating systems installed in window frames, and any wiring problems that might occur. While there are some circumstances in which the windows can crack, most of the time replacement is due to the other aforementioned issues.

Certain parts due to changing regulations

There were new Service Bulletin (SB) and Airworthiness Directive (AD) regulations implemented relatively recently, which resulted in a sudden surge in interest in some parts to meet compliance. Specific parts that have been extremely common on the market as a result of those changes include box relays, bleed valves and aural warning module assembly.


Batteries are always near the top of the list for the most sought-after airplane parts. The frequency with which batteries need to be replaced varies from model to model, but in general you can expect this part to be changed more frequently than some other parts of the plane to ensure long-term safety as well as reliable power.

These are just a few examples of some of the most commonly requested and sought-after replacement parts used to maintain airplanes in Dayton, OH. Are you interested in learning more about what the replacement parts market looks like for your particular airplane, and what else you need to know about airplane safety standards set by the federal government? Contact the team at First Flight Aviation today with any questions—we’d be happy to provide you with further information.

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