What to Expect in a Typical Pilot Training Program

If you ask kids what superpower they’d want the most, you almost invariably hear one answer: the power of flight. For most people, that doesn’t change as we age. There’s always some part of us that wants to lift off the ground and climb into the heavens. While we can’t physically fly (and jet packs are still frustratingly hard to come by), there is a way that you can grab the excitement and joy of taking flight.

It’s time to think about getting your pilot’s license. Curious about how to become a pilot in Dayton, OH? We’ve got your answers.

Crossing the “t”s and dotting the “i”s

The first step on the road to becoming a pilot, either for pleasure or as a profession, is to get your Private Pilot License. To even be considered for this, you must be 17 years old and fluent in English, and you must qualify for a third-class medical certificate. Eager students can get a Student License at 16.

As you progress from license to license—private to commercial to transport—you will be required to get increasingly higher-class medical certificates. Fun fact: contrary to popular belief, you may still be able to become a pilot if you are color blind—it just depends on the severity.

Instruction time

At the core of the pilot’s license is the in-cockpit instruction time. In order to attain your Private Pilot License, you must spend at least 40 hours in instruction. That time may vary from school to school, so make sure to choose an academy that will maximize your time in the air. That said, in general, you will spend 20 hours on the ground, learning instrument locations and aviation laws, and 20 hours in the sky, learning to handle a plane.

At the end of that instruction, you should know everything you need in terms of how to become a pilot in Dayton, OH—which is good, because you’re going to have to pass a written test to get your Private Pilot License.

Miles above ordinary

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