Why The Cessna 152 And 172 Are Great For Flight Training

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The Cessna 152 and 172 are great for flight training because they’re small, economical, easy to fly and can carry passengers. That’s why they are so popular with flying schools all over the world and are often the airplane that pilots use for their first flight lessons.

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Easy To Fly

When a new pilot is learning to fly it’s important that they choose an airplane that’s easy to learn and that’s forgiving of mistakes. This makes flight training a more enjoyable experience for both the student and the instructor. A good example of this is the Cessna 152 or 172. These aircraft have been in production for years and are regarded as one of the best trainers out there. They’re small and economical, and they’re also very easy to fly. This makes them a popular choice for flying schools across the world!


If you’re looking for a flight training plane that’s easy to maintain, there’s no better choice than a Cessna 152 or 172. These two-place tricycle gear trainers are a staple of the aviation industry, and they’re also surprisingly affordable to own and operate. Pilots love these aircraft for their low fuel burn per hour and simple avionics. They don’t break the budget, and they’re easy to service at a variety of maintenance shops. Besides being cheap and easy to fly, they’re also one of the most popular airplanes ever produced for flight training. That’s why flying schools love to use them – especially the 172. The 172 is a very capable, comfortable and reliable airplane that has been in production since 1956. It’s a versatile aircraft that can be used for flight training, as a family airplane and even a business airplane. It is also known for its high safety record and is a very safe airplane to fly.


Whether you are looking to become a pilot, have a career in aviation, or just love to fly, the Cessna 152 & 172 are great planes to get started. They’re easy to transport, have a good safety record, and are a popular choice for flying schools. For one, the 172 has a tricycle landing gear, which makes it easier to land than other aircraft with a fixed landing gear. The high wing configuration also gives the aircraft more stability in the air, which is great for new pilots. As an added bonus, the 152 and 172 are easy to handle in tight spaces. Their tails and rudders are slightly larger, which helps them turn and bank in tight places more easily. This is also an important feature for aerobatic pilots who want to perform high-speed maneuvers

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