11 Best Flights For Aviation Geeks

Aviation geeks need to experience some of the most interesting and amazing flights available to them to knock some items off their bucket lists. We’ve listed some of the best bucket list flights for those who have taken up this hobby. These fun flights for aviation buffs provide elements of adventure and exploration that you don’t want to miss as you explore the world of aviation.

1) Alaska Airlines Milk Run

The funny name has to do with the fact that this flight goes directly from Seattle to Alaska — as if one could make a milk run like that. It doesn’t touch down in Canada at all, which is challenging to do when trying to make the connecting flight between those two states, but this flight makes it happen.

2) United Airlines Island Hopper

Do you want to check out the various amazing islands in the Pacific Ocean? From Hawaii to Guam with many island stops in between, this is the ideal flight for someone who wants to take an interesting and fun vacation.

3) Air France Caribbean Island Hopper

You can try out the various Caribbean islands when you hop on board this flight and see places like Haiti, the Bahamas, and finally Miami.

4) The Shortest Commercial Flight

This flight lasts just two minutes and is the world’s shortest commercial flight. You can add it to your bucket list, just don’t expect any free food on this Scottish flight!

5) The Longest Commercial Flight

On the other side of the scale, you have the world’s longest flight. A journey from New York to Singapore takes about 18 hours, and you could try this out if you simply want to knock it off your bucket list.

6) St. Barts Landing

This is considered the most dangerous landing to make because the landing strip at this terminal is so short and narrow. You need to have some serious guts to take on this flight, but aviation nuts can’t help but want to do it.

7) Bhutan Landing

Another incredibly challenging and dangerous landing is at the airport in Bhutan. It is nearly as dangerous as the St. Barts one, and you will want to include it in your list of airports to land at if you love thrills.

8) Canadian Arctic

There is a flight that carries you all over the Canadian arctic. You can skip around from town to town throughout the northern part of the country and take in the breathtaking views.

9) The Northernmost Airport

There is an airport on a northern island in Norway that you can land on and be at the northernmost airport in the world.

10) Easter Island Airport

One of the world’s most remote airports exists on Easter Island, and it is where you can fly if you want to check out something that is very far from the others.

11) Emirates A380

Finally, enjoy the most luxurious flight you have ever been on when you go with the Emirates A380. This flight allows you to take a shower and drink while on board. That is an amazing experience that people love, not to mention a rare opportunity. Fortunately, the Emirates A380 flight is available for you to experience, and you ought to give it a try.

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