Benefits of Airplane Rental

If you’ve recently become a certified pilot—congratulations! Now you need to find the right aircraft for the trips you’ve been planning.

Owning a plane is a significant investment, and the expenses don’t stop coming after you’ve made a purchase. Plane rentals are an affordable, more convenient alternative to purchasing an aircraft, allowing you to enjoy your time in the skies without the hassle and expense associated with buying.

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the benefits of flying a rental airplane rather than buying.


Most recreational pilots simply can’t buy a plane outright. Not only is it an expensive purchase right from the start, the expenses keep coming in the form of maintenance and storage costs. Routine maintenance is expensive, and you need to find a trusted mechanic to do all the work for you. In terms of storage, you’ll spend thousands of dollars a year if you buy a plane and keep it in a hangar. If you plan on flying an average of 50 hours per year—which is the average for most recreational pilots—airplane rental is the most cost-effective solution.


Want to go for a pleasure cruise for just a few hours? Rental services typically charge by the hour, making it easy for you to go on quick trips for your own enjoyment. If you want to soar the skies at your leisure, renting is the best option.


When you rent aircraft, you’re not locked into using a single plane for every flight. Renting gives you access to all different types of aircraft, letting you expand your abilities and experience. If you’re a pilot looking to enhance your skills and prepare to qualify for a commercial license, renting is a smart idea. Trying out different planes also gives you a good feel for what type of craft suits your needs best if you think you might purchase a plane in the future.


If you buy a plane, you’re limited to the aircraft’s capacity every time you fly. If you’re always flying solo, this would never be a problem, but if you plan on bringing friends or family members with you, you’ll need a plane that can accommodate them. Renting gives you the ability to increase or decrease your capacity whenever you need to, giving you flexibility on the trips you can take.


Rental companies make sure you’re completely comfortable with the plane you rent before you take to the skies. One of the advantages of renting is that you have access to instruction regarding specific controls for the model you’re renting. No matter what model you rent, you have an instructor standing by to answer your questions—something you can’t always count on when you’re buying.

Ready to take to the skies, but not ready to buy? Plane rentals are an inexpensive, hassle-free alternative to buying your own craft. Learn more about the benefits of airplane rental by contacting First Flight Aviation today. We have the perfect plane for your every need in our well-maintained fleet of reliable aircraft.

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