Aircraft Rental: What to Know Before You Rent a Plane

Here’s a fun fact: you can rent an airplane to suit your specific needs! That isn’t something that a lot of people know, but it’s very possible. It can also be a lot of fun if you know how to fly a plane or know someone who can help you. Here are a few tips for renting an airplane that you need to understand, including things to know about before renting a plane for your personal or commercial use.

Benefits of Renting a Plane

Before you go out and rent a plane, it is important to know a few benefits that you may receive. Just a few reasons why renting is a better option than buying include:

  • Cost-Effective: If you want to fly but don’t have a place to store a plane (or the money to buy one), renting is a great alternative. This should provide you with the aircraft that you need at a reasonable price based on how long you use it. This should provide a major advantage when budgeting.
  • Maintenance Options: The great part about renting a plane is that you don’t have to take care of its maintenance or repairs! Instead, the company that rents it to you makes sure that it is operational before and after flights. You do have to pay for fuel and any insurance costs.
  • Quick Travel Opportunities: If you know how to fly a plane or plan on hiring a pilot, renting a plane is a great option that can help you travel quickly for family vacations, business trips and much more. You can also create unique experiences that your family may love, such as viewing beautiful wilderness areas.

Budgeting Tips

It is important to know that you’ll probably be paying between $150 to $500 per hour. You may also pay various expenses, like fuel and much more, that help your plane fly more smoothly. Here are a few ways you can budget for your rental trip:

  • Plan Your Trip Carefully: Know how many hours you’re likely to use a plane and base your budget around that schedule. Doing so can help minimize your overall expenses.
  • Find Others to Come Along: If you can find multiple people who want to fly with you, it might be possible to save yourself a lot of money by splitting costs.
  • Dry vs. Wet Renting: Do you want the cost of fuel added to your rental? That’s wet renting, while dry renting includes extra payments outside your rental cost. Pick an option that works for your needs.
  • Pick an Appropriate Plane: Choose a smaller plane for smaller excursions, such as renting a single-prop plane for a solo or two-person trip.

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