Things Aspiring Pilots Should Study

A pilot is a highly respected and fantastic career to get into. Learning to be a pilot is exciting, and there are many things you can start to study before you ever get onto a plane. There are many things that aspiring pilots need to know to give themselves an advantage. We’ll explore some of the things that future pilots can begin to study before starting pilot school. 

Aerodynamic Basics

You should learn how planes fly before you become the captain of one. A good understanding of aerodynamics will give you a leg up before starting training. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) offers several free resources to take advantage of. 

Flight Simulators

Simulators are not as good as the real thing, but they are great for developing hand-eye coordination and other aviation skills. There are computer and phone simulators that are affordable and a great way to expose you to flight concepts. 

Airspace System

The sky has different airspace boundaries with other procedural requirements. Learning about airspace will help you get ahead in training.

Weather Patterns

Pilots need to have a firm understanding of the weather and how it affects their job. Different concepts include the Coriolis effect, flying through storms, and cold and warm fronts. 

Pilot Certification

You can’t become a pilot without getting certified. It’s a good idea to plan and understand what you need to gain your certificate. 

FAA Regulations

The basics of FAA regulations will give you a considerable advantage during training. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) parts 23, 61, and 91 are excellent starting points. 

Basic Maneuvers

You can read the FAA handbook to learn about the basic maneuvers a pilot needs to know. Beginning topics include turns, climbs, descents, landings, and takeoffs. You’ll have a great starting point by knowing this information. 

Phonetic Alphabet

There is a phonetic alphabet used for nearly every task in aviation. You’ll want to memorize all of the letters and their corresponding meanings. Practice with street signs and license plates while you are driving. 

Aircraft Systems

Systems are difficult, and you should look at the operating handbook from an airplane you fly. You can begin with basic principles and continue to build from there. 

Written Exam

You can take the written exam ahead of time. It will help take a lot of pressure off while you are learning the live process. 

With determination and focus, you can make your dream of becoming a pilot a reality. Stay observant and proactive with the steps mentioned above to give yourself the best chance to become a successful pilot. 


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