Benefits of Flying Yourself to a Vacation Destination

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all—but if you’re planning to fly, you’ll have to deal with airport restrictions, delays and travel limitations. Why not fly yourself to your next vacation destination?

Learning to fly and owning your own private jet makes it easy to pick up and leave from your local airport in Dayton, OH whenever you want. No security lines, baggage fees and other restrictions mean that you can travel whenever and however you like. Read on to discover the benefits of flying yourself:

  • Make your own itinerary: When you fly commercial, you’re subject to someone else’s schedule—and all the delays, cancellations and other issues that come along with it. Flying yourself means you make the schedule, and if there are delays due to weather, you’ll be in charge of when to reschedule your flight. Never get stuck at an airport hotel again!
  • Travel wherever you want to go: When you fly your own private jet, you have the opportunity to fly to smaller or more secluded destinations. Instead of multiple connecting flights to get to remote locations, you can fly directly anywhere you want to go—mountain getaways, hidden islands and more are within easy reach.
  • Avoid the crowds: Crowded airports can be a nightmare, but that’s nothing compared to being stuck in a tiny metal tube between a guy who needs both armrests and a teething baby. It might be a quick way to travel, but the crowds can make it miserable. When you fly yourself, it’ll just be you and your travel companions, making the whole experience a lot more relaxing and peaceful.
  • Save time: Between delays, cancellations, security lines and other obstacles, you’ll save a significant amount of time by flying yourself. No more waiting for TSA to finish patting down the person in front of you and dig through your bags. You’ll just arrive and go.
  • Travel on a whim: When you fly yourself, you have the opportunity to travel on an impulse. Want to go have dinner in New York City and be back in time for work the next day? Flying on a whim is within your reach when you have a private plane. Not only is it fun for vacations, but you’ll also be able to conduct business trips as they’re needed—and get right back home afterwards.
  • Fly in style and comfort: Last, but certainly not least, flying in a private plane means that you’ll experience a much more comfortable and stylish mode of travel. First class on commercial airlines is nice, but there’s nothing like flying in your own plane. You’ll have much more room for your guests to spread out, take a nap and enjoy the experience, rather than simply waiting for it to be over.

If you’re interested in learning how to fly your own plane, First Flight Aviation offers flight lessons and FBO line service in Dayton, OH. Reach out to us today to learn more about our classes and services.

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