When’s the Ideal Time to Take Flying Lessons?

Learning to fly can be a rewarding and exciting experience for many aspiring pilots. From the thrill of taking off to admiring the sights below, flying lessons offer the unique opportunity to learn a skill that has numerous real-life rewards. Flight training in Dayton, OH can be done at any time of the year, but each season has its specific benefits and drawbacks.


Spring is an excellent time to start your flight lessons. Usually, snow and other extreme weather conditions are behind us, yet you’ll still get the opportunity to fly in a wide range of weather events. The days are getting longer, giving you more time with greater visibility. Not only should you be ready to fly by yourself when summer comes around, but the airports are less crowded and you’ll get more time to work through these weather patterns as they happen.


Summer’s long days and lack of extreme precipitation might make it sound ideal for starting your flying lessons, but it’s actually one of the most crowded times of year to fly. Since we’re located in the Midwest, you can expect to run into thunderstorms and tornadoes, too—while these are weather conditions you want to be prepared for, they’re often challenging for brand-new pilots.

However, the long days and warm weather can make summertime flying a very pleasant experience. If you’re ready to work through some challenging air conditions and don’t mind busy airports, you might find that summer flying lessons are right for you.


Like spring, autumn weather can present a wide range of weather conditions to learn from while avoiding the more extreme temperatures and precipitation. You’ll usually experience everything from summer-like weather to the first snow, making it an ideal time to prepare for the challenges of flying in the wintertime.

Fall is also a particularly beautiful time to fly—the autumn foliage makes for some striking views. Parents with children in school may also find themselves with more time on their hands—why not start your own education at the same time? Many people find this to be a convenient and rewarding time to learn to fly.


Winter is one of the more challenging times of year for flight training in Dayton, OH, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn how to handle the freezing weather, blizzards and other inclement conditions. (In fact, airplanes work best in the cold, oxygen-rich temperatures we experience during the winter months.) You’ll get hands-on experience going through deicing procedures as well as how to take off and land on icy runways. It’s an ideal time if you prefer a less-crowded airport, and is also a great time to go through ground training.

Ultimately, the best season to start your flying lessons depends on your needs, your learning style and when you can take the time to learn. If you’re not sure which season is right for you, reach out to the flight instructors at First Flight Aviation in Dayton, OH. We have nearly four decades of flight training experience and look forward to working with you soon.

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