Give the Gift of Flying Lessons This Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived. If you have someone in your life who has always dreamed of taking flying lessons, you can give them one of the greatest Christmas gifts they’ve ever received by purchasing lessons on their behalf.

There’s nothing quite like learning how to fly. It’s a completely different experience than being a passenger in an aircraft. There’s something to be said for having full control over maneuvering the craft and feeling the rush of adventure that comes with soaring through the air with your hands at the controls.

Here are just a few of the biggest considerations for you to take into account when you’re preparing to gift flight lessons to an aviation enthusiast:

  • Health: You should make sure whoever you want to give the lessons to is in good health. Pilots must have a certain level of fitness to fly. If you know your loved one is not in good health, there’s a chance they would not pass a physical exam to meet the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration. Better to not waste your money in such a circumstance.
  • Cost: Keep in mind that flight school is not cheap. While you might be willing to pay for the first couple lessons, you should also consider whether your loved one will be able to continue paying for the costs of flight school after you stop doing so. It would be unfortunate for them to just get into aviation and then have the rug pulled out from under them after the gifted lessons are over. You can make sure this is a sustainable gift by talking to your loved one or friend before making the purchase decision.
  • Time: Does your loved one actually have the time necessary to take flying lessons? Lessons are usually a couple hours each, and pilots need at least 40 hours in the air before they can get their license. It takes a significant time commitment (in addition to the aforementioned financial commitment) if the goal for your loved one is to actually get their pilot’s license. Make sure this is something they’re able to commit the time to before you spring for lessons.
  • Interest: Make sure flying lessons are something your loved one is actually seriously interested in rather than something they’ve mentioned briefly in passing as something that might be cool. Only a true passion will keep someone powering through the lessons to achieve their licensure and get them to overcome some of the intimidation factor that comes with stepping into the cockpit.
  • Instructor: Make sure you’ve chosen an instructor who is well reviewed and credentialed and who is currently taking on new students. Do your research before purchasing any flight lessons or gift certificates to make sure you’re sending your loved one to a good source for those lessons.

Need more tips about getting started with flying lessons? Contact us today at First Flight Aviation, and we will be pleased to provide you with more tips about giving lessons as Christmas gifts.

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