Consider These Aviation Gifts for a Flight Enthusiast

The holiday season has arrived, and if you’re working on getting your shopping done before the season gets too close (remember those shipping delays!), we’ve got some great aviation-related ideas for you.

Whether you have a friend who’s currently enrolled in flight school or simply someone who loves aviation, here are a few gifts you might consider purchasing for them this holiday season:

  • Movies: There are plenty of great movies that heavily deal with flight and aviation as themes. Some examples include Top Gun, Sully, Air Force One, Moonraker, Airplane, Con Air, and many more.
  • Games: There are many games for aviation enthusiasts, ranging from flight simulators to arcade games and more. There’s an entire list of such games at, but you can also do a simple web search to find games your aviation enthusiasts in your life might appreciate. You can find many games for free.
  • Flying lessons: If you know someone who has demonstrated an interest in learning how to fly, you can purchase them flying lessons at our flight school in Dayton. First Flight Aviation partners with Sinclair College in Dayton, offering degrees in aviation technology and also a variety of other training options and services. Giving someone the gift of education and flight can be a wonderful surprise.
  • Masks: For someone who flies regularly, you could purchase them some comfortable or specially-designed or patterned masks. Airlines are still requiring masks for all travelers regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, so people who regularly travel via airplane or have flights coming up will need masks to bring with them on their trip. Custom-designed masks that represent your loved one’s interests will be a great stocking stuffer.
  • Airline gift certificates: For someone who intends to do some travel in the near future, you can give them some credit to their preferred airline. This will remove some of the expense from their next trip.
  • Models: A lot of aviation enthusiasts also have an interest in model planes. You can purchase models that have already been built or kits that the enthusiast can put together themselves.
  • Rental: First Flight Aviation offers aircraft rentals in Dayton, OH for experienced pilots or student pilots who want to gain additional flight ratings. Aircraft are available for a wide range of purposes, including introductory flights, scenic flights, training flights and other purposes. If you’re looking for a generous gift offer, you can pay for an aircraft rental to give your aviation enthusiast some much-needed time up in the sky.

These are just a few examples of some of the best gift ideas we have in mind for aviation enthusiasts. Do you have any other ideas for aviation gifts, or are you interested in taking some flying lessons yourself? We encourage you to contact our team at First Flight Aviation, and we will be happy to speak with you more about what we offer.

Give the gift of flight this holiday season, and make it a particularly memorable Christmas for whomever the recipient may be!

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