The FAA Imposes New Rules for Pilot Training

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has imposed some new rules for pilot training, enraging flying instructors and aviation lobby groups. Per the FAA Notification of Policy, instructors who teach in experimental-, primary- and limited-category aircraft must have an exemption called a “letter of deviation authority” (LODA) to conduct the flying lessons.

The policy, which went into effect on July 12, has been criticized as a “cumbersome” and unnecessary obstacle for those looking to obtain their pilot’s license and teach flying lessons. Read on to learn more about the new policy.

What aircraft are affected?

The FAA’s policy is difficult to interpret unless you’re familiar with the terms experimental-, primary- and limited-category aircraft. Experimental-category aircraft includes kit-built planes and ones designed for testing new technologies. The FAA defines primary-category aircraft as those with a simple design that are intended for pleasure or personal use. An example of a limited-category aircraft would be a World War II-era plane.

With over 27,000 in operation in the U.S., experimental-category aircraft are the ones most affected by the policy. The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) estimates there are only about 400 limited-category and 100 primary-category aircraft in the U.S., so not as many people are affected by the policy.

Why is the policy in place?

According to the FAA, the new requirement is in place as an increased safety measured for pilots. However, spokespeople for the aviation lobby group Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) claim it’s a solution to a non-existent problem, and therefore unnecessary.

The FAA will issue 30,000 LODAs and exemptions. Pilots looking to conduct flying lessons in the affected aircraft will have to fill out paperwork online to continue their normal operations.

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