The Best Airplanes To Rent And Fly Yourself

If you’re a student pilot or you’ve recently gotten your pilot’s license, renting an airplane is often a great option. Not only is it a cost-effective way to get out into the air, but it’s also a fantastic chance to try out different plane models! When choosing a plane, it’s important to find one that’s easy and safe to fly. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best airplanes to rent and fly yourself! 

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Cessna 172 

Flight schools around the world agree that the Cessna 172 is the best aircraft for student pilots to learn to fly in. This is because of its ease-of-use and sturdiness. Moreover, it is also easy to maintain and repair, making it a popular choice for students and seasoned pilots alike! Compared to other two-seat trainers, the 172 offers more payload and climbing capability. It also allows pilots to carry more weight at higher altitudes, making it a great choice for aviators who want to explore different parts of the world. 

Cessna 152 

The 152 was first introduced in 1977 as a modernization of the proven Cessna 150 design. It improved engine power, ran better on the then new 100LL low-lead fuel, and reduced internal and external noise levels. For student pilots and seasoned pilots alike, the Cessna 152 is a tried-and-tested airplane. The aircraft is also easy to maintain and reliable, making it a great choice for anyone looking to own their first plane at an affordable price. 

Cessna 162 

The Cessna 162 Skycatcher is a light-sport aircraft that can be operated by pilots with Sport Pilot certificates. These airplanes are designed for low-cost training and have become popular among pilots who want to fly inexpensively. The aircraft is also a great option for a pilot who wants to be able to go places that their larger airplanes cannot, as it has a high landing speed and long flight range. These features are especially important for student pilots who want to learn how to land in small and crowded airports without worrying about their landing capabilities. 

Piper Arrow IV 

The Piper Arrow IV is easy to fly, safe, and has retractable gear so that it can save fuel compared to fixed-wing trainers. There are many different versions of the Piper Arrow so that you can find a model that suits your experience and budget. They are all very popular so why not try flying one yourself and see what you think? 

Cirrus SR20 

The SR20’s control geometry and harmony keep the pilot connected to the airplane at all speeds, power settings and flight attitudes. Its unique side yoke steering system opens up space on the panel, cuts structural weight and gives you more leverage to nail precision aerials. And powered by a 200-horsepower Continental IO-360-ES engine, the SR20 is surprisingly fast for its size. It climbs at 828 fpm, cruises at 155 knots and has a range of 627 nm when at 75% power. The Cirrus SR20 is truly the perfect dual-role aircraft: easily manageable for a student pilot and a modern, technically advanced airplane that’s ideal for seasoned pilots.  

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