5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Aircraft Avionics

Avionics are critically essential to enable communications and navigation while preventing in-air collisions. Many pilots fly decades-old aircraft that have increasingly obsolete avionics.

The supporting avionics technologies undergo continual improvement. You might wonder: should I upgrade my airplane avionics? The older your current avionics system is, the more the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

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The following five reasons to upgrade your aircraft avionics show why you should upgrade your aging aircraft avionics.

1. Federal Flight Regulators Say So

The federal agency that oversees the nation’s airports, aircraft, and pilot licensing regularly requires updating aircraft avionics. So do international regulatory bodies, like the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

You need to stay informed on regulatory changes that might require you to improve some or all of your current aircraft avionics. Failure to do so might get your aircraft grounded.

2. Replace Obsolete Avionics

Many private pilots stick with old and increasingly obsolete avionics because they still get the job done. Replacing obsolete avionics greatly improves your ability to fly safely by being electronically visible to airports and other aircraft. GPS tracking and similar technologies can help make your flight information more accurate and make each flight safer.

3. Greater Connectivity

Newer avionics can communicate with a wider variety of equipment than older systems. That means you can get service faster and have fewer communication blackouts when flying across more desolate areas.

The FAA also requires many commercial aircraft to use special avionics systems. If you happen to use your aircraft for commercial purposes, you need to ensure you can connect with the systems that the FAA requires to continue making money while flying.

4. Save on Flight Costs

One of the more hidden benefits of upgrading avionics is the potential cost savings per flight. Modern avionics use newer, lighter materials that are typically better and more efficient than old avionics gear.

Lighter equipment reduces the weight the aircraft must carry, improving your aircraft’s fuel economy. New avionics also might reduce the draw on your aircraft’s electrical system.

5. Improve In-Flight Navigation

One of the best benefits of upgrading avionics is that you can upgrade to a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAAS) with a Localizer Performance and a Vertical Guidance system that greatly improves GPS navigation.

The WAAS system greatly improves your ability to determine exact distances to the ends of runways and helipads. The improved GPS tracking and navigation system could make flights much safer.

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