Tips for Aircraft Maintenance This Winter

Maintaining your aircraft is essential before winter approaches. The same way you would ensure that your vehicle is prepared is the exact way you should prepare your aircraft. This will ensure that your aircraft is prepared to withstand the cold weather and other harsh winter conditions. Use this winter aircraft maintenance guide to help you along the way.

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Aircraft Maintenance Winter Tips

Here are some tips for aircraft maintenance this winter.

Clean the Outside

Before the snow even has a chance to begin falling, you need to make sure that the outside of your plane is clean. You can do this by removing any dirt, grime, and debris from the exterior of your aircraft. Not only will this help the paint to remain protected, but it will also prevent decay. To clean your windows, use polish and a window cleaner. When you are finished cleaning, apply a wax to the exterior for maximum protection from harsh weather elements.

Clean the Inside

You should also make sure that the inside of your plane is clean. This includes vacuuming the seats, floors, and instrument panels to eliminate dust and other debris. To ensure that you can properly see out of all windows, use a cleaning solution and apply it to all windows and the windshield.

Change the Oil

This is also a great time to change the engine oil to eliminate toxic contaminants and debris. To prevent clogs, you should consider using a thin oil and an anti-corrosion additive. This could prevent you from paying a lot for repairs in the future.

Fill Up Your Tank

Always ensure that you keep a full tank of gas in your plane. This will keep condensation from forming via constant changes in temperature.

Apply Lubrication

To reduce strain on certain parts of the aircraft, it is essential that you apply lubrication before winter approaches. This also prevents metal-to-metal contact, which can result in faster damage to your aircraft. The best way to apply lubrication is to follow your aircraft’s manual, so you know the exact type of grease and application to use.

Inspect the Battery

You should also check the battery of your aircraft. This will help you determine whether you need to replace your battery. Consider installing a sealed battery since they don’t require you to maintain them as much as standard batteries would.

Aircraft Maintenance Checklist

This aircraft maintenance checklist for the winter will ensure you are prepared:

  • Vacuum the inside of the plane
  • Wax the outside of the plan using a special wax
  • Clean the windshield and all the windows
  • Make sure that the airframe is lubricated properly
  • Check the exhaust or combustion heater if you have a single-engine or twin-engine aircraft
  • Properly treat any leather or wood parts
  • Change the engine oil
  • Inspect the battery
  • Use pitot tubes and static vent covers
  • When storing your plane, use appropriate covers

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