The Different Types of Flight Lessons

Becoming a pilot is a wonderful way to add new skills to your life. The knowledge of light is both practical and fun. You can use these skills to launch a career or to simply enjoy as a hobby. If you are considering flight lessons, it is important that you understand the different types of lessons that are available. This quick guide will provide you with some basic information you need to get started.

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Different Types of Flight Instruction

Flying can be used for many different types of applications and activities. Flying skills can be applied to commercial, military, and hobby flights. Because these are vastly different types of applications, the training for them is very different as well.

This is why it is very important that you clarify your goals for flying before you start flight school. By clarifying your goals ahead of time, you can ensure that you are getting the right type of training for the type of flying you intend to do.

Let’s look at some of the different types of flight instruction that are available.

Recreational Flying

Many pilots get their start through recreational flying lessons. Although recreational flying lessons will not prepare you for commercial or military flights, it is a starting point. In many cases, a person will begin recreational flying lessons and then discover just how much they love flying. This can then lead to further flying goals.

There are limitations on where you can fly and what types of aircraft you can fly if you have a student pilot license or a recreational pilot license. But again, this is often a great way to get started in the world of flying.

Sports Flying

Another type of flight training is sports flying. A sports flying license is often a quicker and less expensive way to actually get in the air for the first time. There are many limitations, however, to what you can do with this type of license. You are also limited as to what types of aircraft you can pilot. But this is a good way to get started in the world of flying.

Private Pilot License

A private license will open up many opportunities for you in the world of flying. When you are researching flight schools and speaking with flight instructors, be sure to ask lots of questions concerning how each type of license can be used.

Commercial Pilot License

If you plan to use your flying skills to launch a career, then you will need a commercial pilot license. In addition to basic flight instruction, you will also go through more specialized training. Be sure to work with a flight school that is recognized by employers. You want to make sure that the credentials you earn will help you land a great commercial pilot job.

Airline Transport Pilot License

If you have dreams of working for an airline, there will be additional training and licensing required. To earn this type of license you will need a minimum of 1,500 flying hours in different crafts and in different conditions.

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