Why Regular Aircraft Maintenance Is Important

At the end of the day, knowing why regular aircraft maintenance is important is crucial. Those who do not are placing themselves in a very challenging position going forward. By learning why aircraft maintenance is so important, it is easier to learn how to avoid the usual pitfalls. To learn more about the benefits of aircraft maintenance, check out the following guide.

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What Is Included in an Aircraft Maintenance Check?

Aircraft maintenance is the process of handling required inspections that will be scheduled for specific intervals throughout the course of private or commercial aircraft lifespan. Plane owners must handle a few different requirements, which determine what type of inspection the aircraft receives. The aircraft maintenance shop handles most of these concerns for private plane owners.

When the inspection is conducted, the authorities will refer to the process as a “check.” A check, B check, C check and D check are the most commonly included. The A and B checks are on the lighter side, while C and D are heavier in nature.

Type A checks must be performed for every 400 600 flight hours that have taken place, or 200-300 take-off/landing cycles. D checks, on the other hand, take place every 6 to 10 years. The whole crew takes the plane apart so that a complete overhaul and inspection can take place. There are also annual inspections that the majority of aircraft owners must conduct. Additionally, a new aircraft has to be inspected before passengers are allowed to board.

Benefits of Aircraft Maintenance

No Lost Travel Time

This is a key aspect for many airlines. No company can afford unwanted downtime. The financial hit that the airline will take is second only to the hit to its reputation. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that the aircraft remains in perfect condition, with frequent maintenance and the repair/replacement of damaged components.

Ensuring Top Notch Performance

Before each flight, it is important to conduct the necessary maintenance checks. It’s the same principle that we should be following with our automobiles. Regular maintenance ensures that the aircraft continues to perform at its absolute best.

Added Levels of Passenger Safety

The safety of passengers is always going to be a paramount concern. When mechanical issues arise, this can place their health and well-being in serious doubt. The last thing an airline will want is to force its passengers to endure mechanical and/or electrical issues.

Saving Money By Extending Aircraft Lifespan

When the aircraft is well maintained and cared for proactively, the owner can avoid all sorts of unwanted expenses down the line. It is always best to avoid issues and disturbances in the first place so that no costly mistakes are made.

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